Illustrator Sara Burrier


2019 Events & Appearances

Sanford Museum

April 1 - 30
Cherokee, Iowa

Snake Alley Art Fair

June 16th
Burlington, Iowa

ArtFest Midwest

June 29-30
Des Moines, Iowa

Marshalltown Art Festival

July 20
Marshalltown, Iowa

World of Faeries Festival
August 3 - 4
Vasa Park, South Elgin, IL

Art on the Prairie

November 9 - 10
Perry, Iowa


Each piece I display is a piece of my heart and hope. Life is fulfilling, but challenging. Adventurous, yet painful. Beautiful, although deceiving. I aspire to bring God’s creation- colors, nature, imagination, dreams, and magic, to a stand still, a captured moment. Allowing it to remind us that life’s true harmony lies within ourselves and the Eden among us. The way I know how to express this is through the most intimate creation, the face and body of us.


My process is simple, working from forgotten or classic vintage photographs and my imagination I draw a face or pose that appeals to me. I rarely transfer final drawings to my watercolor paper, yet instead have a concept and then allow intuition tell me the rest.  


When I paint in watercolor I have the freedom to create textures and color quickly, while keeping my detailed drawings focused and intact. I delight in exploring the medium’s behavior by combining salt, alcohol, splatter, drip, and glazing techniques on my paper. Spending hours glazing my subject, I refine them and their story, while keeping the environment moving and dreamlike.


In the end, amongst the daily stress and scurry, I long for my viewers to find a peaceful, light filled moment filled with inspiration.

rtist Statement


Photo credit © Dreamsenses Photography 

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Come with me as i explore the world of art fairs, creating, and sharing imagination to the world!