The Dreamflyer Portrait Project


✶ It is the magical rendering of a person's strength, talent, and spirit. They are placed within a space that creates a dream-like vision using watercolor or colored pencil. These portraits are not exact renditions of the individual, but rather an impressionistic approach to who they are, inside and out. They are life-like but with a whimsical touch.

Once you have filled out the form below detailing what you are looking for, I will email you back within 1-2 business days, letting you know what I am able to do, any thoughts I have, and other items/descriptions I may need to move forward.


You will then be invoiced for the sketching fee. This fee covers all the work done to come up with the drawing used for the painting, and it also goes towards your painting's final price. Once the fee is paid, I sketch out a concept or two, send it to you, and we discuss changes.


Every client receives up to three sketch modifications. This means I will resketch/change the sketch up to three separate times to get it just right. After the third modification, each preceeding one will be charged a fee.


Once the sketch is approved by you, I will invoice you for the painting's final price. I then begin the painting after payment has been made.


You are free to contact me at any time during the painting process to receive "work in progress" photos. I also like to post progress shots while I paint on my facebook page, instagram, and twitter. It can be requested that I do not share (i.e. if it's a gift).


When the painting is finished I will email you a final scan. If all looks good, the piece will be packaged and shipped with insurance.

How it Works


Once the original art is finished, I will offer it as prints and products in my shop and at fairs.


I am always willing to work with someone if they prefer not to share, as I hope to respect my customers highly, but I have found that the work requested will usually touch another person they never knew. 


All rights to the artwork are reserved to me, Sara Burrier. You are purchasing a piece of art, not the right to reproduce, alter, resell, or mass produce from it. You are not purchasing any copyright, and to claim the art as your own would be an infringement of my rights. 


I respect that the request is your own idea/thought/vision. When I sell the art as prints/postcards/etc. (unless licensed out), I share it is a private requested piece. If you have any concerns or questions regarding this, please don't hesitate to ask me.

Each painting will have it's own time line, depending on it's size, complexity, and artist availability.

Most paintings will take 4-8 weeks to complete. If you need it rushed, there will be a fee.  The client and I determine the estimated deadline together. 

The Time it Takes
Important Details

I charge $4 and $6 per square inch, depending on complexity.

Here are some examples for the most commonly requested sizes and their cost, based on per square inch:

Shipping & Handling

All domestic original art is shipped US first class with insurance.

All international art work will be shipped priority with insurance.


The art will be shipped in a protective plastic sleeve, sandwiched in between a mat board and back boards and then placed in a flattend box for added protection. 

5x7 Simple
5x7 Simple

$4 per square inch = $96

5x7 Complex
5x7 Complex

$5 per square inch = $175

8x10 Simple
8x10 Simple

$4 per square inch = $320

8x10 Complex
8x10 Complex

$5 per square inch = $400

11x14 Simple
11x14 Simple

$4 per square inch = $616

11x14 Complex
11x14 Complex

$5 per square inch = $770