I just finished unsubscribing to the slew of emails I get from everything I use to run my business. Office Depot, Overnight Prints, Michaels, Spoonflower, etc. It's a pretty long list! And it's a distracting one that ends up just filling my mailbox. >_<

How do you create more time and space in a world where there isn't any time or space?

"The Little Mermaid"

Honestly, I believe my dear friend Natalie (meadowtogrove.blogspot.com) said it best, that facebook, twitter, and instagram steal (I'm paraphrasing here) head space, which in turn will drain your creativity, time, and energy. NOT TO MENTION your confidence, identity, and passion for your life. Just sayin.

I know I'm getting controversial to some, but I truly believe that she has a point, and I'm going to test it this year.

For me I am constantly reading and hearing how important it is to be on social media as an artist. That it can, and possibly as far as 'will', make or break your success.

I believe for some, social media can produce rainbows, for others, it can be damaging winds.

Different people need different things, I personally am discovering that social media is a damaging wind for me. It howls into my ears and tells me all the ways I need to go to make sure I am successful. I feel pressured, so much so that I truly have believed that if I don't post something TODAY I'll loose a sale or a client. So not true. False. No way!

I am going to focus on doing the large load of work I already have planned for this ENTIRE year. Seriously folks, I'm way excited for the work YOU have given me!!! I can not feel more blessed right now, but this also means I need every moment I can gain to do it!

Let me propose that it is relationships that create sales and interest. Social media is a tool to build relationships, and I do suggest to students that you should have a social media presence, including a website. Yet, should it rule?

I am going to focus on sharing new art, time lapse videos, and travel on social media.

Find me on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

I am going to focus on sharing my art mom journey on this blog.

I am also wanting to do interviews if you're looking for someone. ;)

I am going to focus on sharing my process, projects, and teaching through my Patreon page.

What is Patreon? Find Out HERE >>

I want to be personable (I'm sure you've known that for a while) with you, and the more I do art fairs, festivals, and exhibits the more I am learning how important the one on one conversation and eye contact is.

Online this is more challenging, but I don't believe, for me, constantly being rambled on social media is going to allow that to blossom. And it's been driving me insane trying to keep up with it all.....and my two kids.....and teaching.....and the house work....and eating food....and....

You get the idea. ^_-

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